Welcome to Oris web portal


We are proudly presenting our Oris web portal, where you can visit us daily. Like Oris magazine, our web portal focuses on architecture and culture of living. Next to news and notices on current events, we will publish selected interviews, projects, photo editions from previous issues and video lectures from Days of Oris. We aim to make all that we have created over the last 15 years  more available to our audience.

Oris has expanded its activities by founding Oris House of architecture, a multimedia centre and house of culture in Zagreb, focused on the organization of events which will promote architecture, culture, design and  business activities, such as exhibitions, lectures, promotions, projections, presentations, discussions... We are currently developing Oris House of architecture and our new web portal so we are kindly asking you to share your ideas, opinions and suggestions so they would suit you, our users, best. 

 We are looking forward to spending time with you!

Oris team.