Wood25 - Selection of Contemporary Slovenian Wood Design 14/2-25/2



Selection of Contemporary Slovenian Wood Design 
Oris House of Architecture, Kralja Držislava 3, 10000 Zagreb
14 – 25 February 2017
Most of Slovenia's territory is forested and wood is recognized as a natural resource that provides many opportunities. The state has also recognized it as a strategic material and actively supports wood production and helps Slovenian companies to be successful at the international market. Les25 is the exhibition of the selected works. 
CALENDAR OF EVENTS, Oris House of Architecture:
14.2.2017 at 18.00 
Opening and guidance through the exhibition „Wood25  -  Selection of contemporary Slovenian design in wood“
                          + Cocktail party

16.2.2017at ROUND TABLE 18:00 
„Slovenian architecture and design in wood -  Opportunities of tourist facilities furnishing and energy renovation of public buildings“
  The participants of the round table:
  Arh. Blaž Rupar (Arhitectural Offices 3biro)
  Janez Mesarič (studio Mashoni). Red dot award.
  Arh. Robert Jonathan Loher
  Moderator: Ivica Plavec
     + Cocktail party

Registration: marina@oris.hr

23-2-2017 BUSINESS MEETING 10:00 – 14:00 
Slovenian and Croatian companies on the topic "Building and furnishing of Croatian tourist facilities and energy renovation of public buildings."

Registration: tajnik@poslovniklub-shg.hr
Slovenian delegation will be represented by these following companies:
Alples d.d.                   www.alples.si
Alpod d.o.o.                 www.alpod.si
Donar d.o.o.                www.donar.si
Gonzaga-Pro d.o.o.   www.gonzaga.eu
Lip Bled d.o.o.            www.lip-bled.si
Murales d.d.                www.murales.si
Riko Hiše d.o.o.          www.riko-hise.si
Rihter d.o.o.                 www.rihter.si
Stilles d.o.o.                 www.stilles.si
Pohištvo Žakelj d.o.o. www.zakelj.si
Wood25 - OPEN DAYS
Wood 25 - Selection of contemporary Slovenian design in wood, organized open days and the promotion of the following Slovenian companies:
20.2. 2017. "ALPOD" (www.alpod.si), 15 - 19h
21.2. 2017. "MURALES" (www.murales.si), 15 - 19h
22.2. 2017. "DONAR" (www.donar.si), 11 - 15h
22.2. 2017. "RIKO HIŠE", (www.riko-hise.si) "LIP BLED" (www.lip-bled.si),
                      "RIHTER" (www.rihter.si), 15 - 19h
24.2. 2017. "ŽAKELJ" (www.zakelj.si), 15 - 19h
Main criteria in the process of the selection of works: 
- works of professional designers educated in Slovenia 
- representation of all generations; from professionals who have been active at the market for more than twenty years to designers who are still being educated, but have created products which have been produced and accepted by users
- works created over the last five years, many of which have received national and international awards
- smart and coherent use of wood or wood derivatives
- project diversity – from an exhibition pavilion, lighting, children's toys to cameras 
The sixteen selected works represent Slovenia in a European context and offer a short historical overview of wood design in Slovenia. 
Authors and the selected projects: 
SoNo Architects: Slovenian Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 in Milan
OFIS architects: Shelter under Skuta
Studio Miklavc: The Triglav national park mobile info point
Toni Kancilja: Istria furniture system
Luka Bassanese: Nika Collection
TOK TOK: Martin's chair and trumpet
Gigodesign: Froc children's chair
Tak kolektiv: Dresser
Tilen Sepič: Eclipse light source
Blaž Habjanič: Toplr - wood hanger
Wilsonic Design: Mr. Alligator on a stick
Re-generacija: Friendly Enemy— Japanese knotweed and its application in paper production 
Oloop: Creative Community
Design Studio Mashoni: Ribrand
Rinz ROS: UNI Bird House
ONDU: ONDU Pinhole cameras
The exhibition Wood25  was initiated and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. The transport to Zagreb is funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology.
Janez Mesarič
Janez Mesarič graduated industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In 2003. Mesarič joined a design studio Asobi, but continues to work as a freelancer as well. He works on development and creative leadership of established brands. Together with designers Maša Majce Mesarič and Petra Bukinovaski, he founded the studio Mashoni. They are working on their own labels such as Ribrand, Boatguard and Ubiqaudio. His works have been exhibited and published in renowned design magazines (Domus, Wallpaper, Icon). He was awarded with numerous international warads (BIO19, Design Award, I.F. Design Concept Award. Architizer A+Awards, Red Dot). 
Blaž Rupar
Blaž Rupar graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and later on from the Faculty of Architectire in Ljubljana. In 2007, together with Janez Koželj and Tina Rupar Kobe, he opened an architectural studio – 3biro, which primarily deals with architectural design. The studio is known for its wood constructions. Their projects have been exhibited and published in many books.  
Robert Jonathan Loher
Born in Munich 1970. graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 1998. Partner with Marko Cvjetko and Miron Hržina in AG Planum office since 2996. Major realizations: subsidized housing construction building Đakovo (with P. Mišković and B Rajčić), 2003; renocation of the facade of Slavonska Bank by architect Alfred Albini, Osijek (with B. Rajčić), 2003; town sports hall, Varaždin (with M. Cvjetko and M. Hržina), 2008. Awards: Drago Galić Award for subsidized housing construction building, Đakovo, 2004; 1st prize in Blato Istok town-planning competition (with A. Mrđa, M. Paun, M. Cvjetko i M. Hržina), 2007. 
Ivica Plavec
Born in 1963 in Sisak, Croatia. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 1988. Together with the architect Vladimir Kasun he founded the architectural office Studio Urbana in 1992. In 2005 he opened his own practice Poligon – project. Important realizations: Franciscan convent in Kloštar Ivanić, Chapel of the Franciscan convent, Jajce , Franciscan convent in Livno , Apartment building in Delnice, Coffee bar Donna, interior, Zagreb. Major awards: Bernardo Bernardi Award 1994; Special mention by Salon of young artists 1996;Special mention Piranesi 2004.