On the occasion of winning the Viktor Kovačić lifetime achievement award, Oris House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava 3) organises a discussion with architect Radovan Tajder on Tuesday, 12 October at 7 p. m. After the conversation an exhibition of his notebooks will be opened.


Radovan Tajder was born in 1945 in Zagreb. He graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture in 1970. He worked in Didaktainvest bureau from 1971 to 1977. In 1977 he started working for Osnova bureau. In mid-80s he moved to Vienna where he started working as head of the Department of Conceptual Design at Hlaweniczka & Partner architecture office. In 1994 he switched to HD Architekten.

His works include more than 300 studies, competition works and projects he completed individually or with co-authors, around 90 of which have been realised.

His important works have been presented at many collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Tajder has won almost all important awards for architecture: City of Zagreb Award in 1977, Vladimir Nazor Award in 1983, Borba Award in 1985, special award of the Zagreb Salon of Architecture in 1997, Drago Galić Award in 1999, Viktor Kovačić lifetime achievement award in 2019, special recognition of Borba magazine in 1984, special recognition of the Piranesi Award in 1989, recognition of the Belgrade Salon of Architecture in 1990, recognition of the Zagreb Salon of Architecture called To Architects in Diaspora in 1991.

The exhibition of Radovan Tajder in the Oris House of Architecture is based on his drawings and notebooks that present the diary of his creativity.

The book of the exhibition includes the text of Nikola Polak, a renowned architect and theoretician of architecture.


The discussion and the opening of the exhibition will be held in accordance with the Recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic during public events and gatherings, issued by the Croatian Institute of Public Health. The arrival is possible only with the presentation of the EU digital COVID certificate, certificate of recovery (not older than 180 days) or a negative test.


The exhibition is on view until 23 October 2021. 




                                               Architekt Dipl. Ing. Liselotte Peretti