Exhibition Potential - possible - promising


On Monday, 5 of February, at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture the exhibition Potential-possible-promising will open.

The exhibition was made as a part of the course Curational practices at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and in collaboration with Faculty of Architecture. Curators of the exhibition are master students: Katarina Puljko, Jelena Šekrst i Ivana Šešlek while the artworks were made by the architecture students: Kristina Beljan, Chiara Ceschin i Nina Mejak, Ivana Lazar i Mia Kos, Lucija Merdžan, Mark Miščević, Karla Jelić-Balta, Bruno Lang Kosić, Iva Mandurić, Lea Mioković i Vili Rakita

Various challenges in the architect’s opus appear form an early state, especially if it is about public space, so talent and quality can be recognized already during studies. In order for the good ideas of younger generations to stud up, we put the focus on students. Their projects, each one in their own way, question, express and offer a solution of the given or encountered problem. Although they are different, we connected the works in a way that they show the thought process of the author – their inspirations, associations and thinking that led to the final product realized as a poster, model or projection. 

- curators of the exhibition