Exhibition 20 years of Oris magazine: Dotrščina Memorial Park



On Saturday, 2 March at 12 a.m., in the Oris House of Architecture, launched the exhibition ''20 years of Oris magazine: Dotrščina Memorial Park'' to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first edition of Oris magazine. 
The first issue of Oris magazine for architecture and culture of living was published 20 years ago, on 2 March 1999. This important anniversary will be celebrated by the exhibition in the Oris House of Architecture devoted to the Dotrščina Memorial Park, which presents an exceptional symbiosis of heritage and landscape architecture. 
The exhibition will show author photographs of one of the masters of Croatian contemporary photography, Josip Klarica, made especially for Oris. Next to Klarica’s photographs characterised by artistic sensibility, the exhibition will also feature archive materials, drawings and sketches on Dotrščina from the collection of the Croatian Museum of Architecture of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art, partner institutions of the exhibition programme. Celebratory 115th issue of Oris magazine presents the Dotrščina Memorial Park in three articles; art photographs by a distinguished photographer Josip Klarica accompanied by a text written by Tomislav Pavelić, Sanja Horvatinčić’s presentation of the architectural and landscape design of the Dotrščina Park by authors Seissel - Bakić and an article by Nenad Fabijanić about the unrealised project of the Dotrščina Memorial Museum designed by architect Neven Šegvić. The aforementioned themes are presented in the exhibition of this project, which shows the qualities Oris has cherished; continuity, quality, heritage preservation, contemplation, interdisciplinarity.