Exhibition Laura Martinović: Rotation


Exhibition titled Rotation by artist Laura Martinović will open on Monday, 30 October 2017 at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture. The exhibition is a part of Laura Martinović’s diploma project. It will stay on view til 8 November 2017.

The author explores the artistic possibilities in the daily media of the newspaper, observing the link with certain social dynamics, and encouraging us to reflect on selected topics. The game between true and false information in her works and the understanding of them is individual. The importance lies in the reaction they create in an observer.

The artwork was trigged by the stimulus found in the environment, in the society in which the author lives and works. What we hear, see and feel is recorded in each of us in a certain form; it inevitably creates a certain saturation and concern over the time we all belong to. It is something that we cannot escape from, nor understand. As a result of the artist’s concern, her need for understanding and the birth of revolt, a series of collage drawings and photomontages was created, displaying the nowadays and putting it in the context of the newspaper media.

Novelty, or perhaps actuality, is presented in the media as a value in itself, to which every consumer should subject their own taste. The question remains: can we really learn from the media what is specifically contemporary in the given moment? Novelty, on the contrary, is a dynamic principle of the process of raising self-awareness. What happens when an ordinary person presents actuality through their own vision, be it bad or good, true or false?



Laura Martinović was born in Zagreb in 1993. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts

in Zagreb in 2017 and earned the Master of Graphic Arts degree, and was further educated in Belfast, UK where she spent one semester at the Ulster University. Her work is mostly focused on the field of illustration and she regularly takes part in various workshops and group exhibitions. She has received several awards for her work: a commendation from the Academy of Fine Arts Council for the academic year 2014/2015; was rewarded with the Rector’s Award for the participation in the group project for Boris Papandopoulo’s opera Madame Buffault.