Exhibition opening and lecture by the Amsterdam based architecture firm de Architekten Cie. - Reflections on Circularity



On Tuesday, 3 May 2022 in Oris House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava 3), 7 PM, an exhibition by the Amsterdam based architecture firm de Architekten Cie. Reflections on Circularity is available on view.

As part of the exhibition opening, Igor Sladoljev, research lead at de Architekten Cie. will hold a lecture.

In 2021, de Architekten Cie. published a book Lessons in Circularity to summarise experience gained while tackling practical challenges in the design and construction of ‘CIRCL’, the first ‘circular’ building in The Netherlands. We attempt to explain how and why circular design and construction involve designing new business cases in parallel with architectural design oriented towards reuse and (dis)assembly.

The exhibition Reflections on Circularity follows up on the book Lessons in Circularity as a welcome opportunity to compare lessons drawn from a more comprehensive selection of projects, from the scale of a pavilion to that of urban design. Seven projects are exhibited in ORIS House of Architecture, each in its way telling a part of a multifaceted story of circular sustainability we continue to learn from.

Circularity aims to protect materials and energy sources and regenerate nature by designing waste ‘out’ of the system. The circular economy and, by extent, circular construction offers a glimpse into the systems change that is urgently needed.

de Architekten Cie. is an Amsterdam based architecture firm that has designed urban plans and buildings since 1948, the year we trace our origins. The ‘long term’, in that sense, is embedded in our office culture, where the experience of the ‘past’ often benefits perspective on the present and is used to speculate on ‘the future’. Consequently, reuse, redevelopment, updates, and upgrades are not only a trend in sustainability but a habit born out of practical necessity. As a knowledge network, an international team of about 90 professionals is committed to innovation and site-specific solutions striving for the thematic deepening of the assignments presented to us. With publications, research, development of our digital tools and public engagements, we strive to continuously contribute to the conversation and dissemination of knowledge gained in practice.

Igor Sladoljev (Zagreb, 1988.) holds the position of ‘research lead’ at De Architekten Cie. alongside leading urban scale projects in The Netherlands and abroad. His work is most notably exhibited as a part of the curatorial team of the Serbian Pavilion at the International       Architecture Biennale in Venice (2014) and Dutch Design Week (2020). As an alumnus of Strelka Institute’s think-tank, The New Normal, he is continuously involved with interdisciplinary collaborations, recently exhibited at ‘Eyes of the City’ Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in Shenzhen, China (2019). He lives and works in Amsterdam.

Exhibition will remain on view untill 14 May 2022