Exhibition Piranesi Award 2018



Piranesi Award 2018
The exhibition Piranesi Award 2018 will open on Tuesday, 12 February 2019 at 6 pm in Oris House of Architecture. The exhibition will display the Piranesi Award nominations for the year 2018. As costumed, the award ceremony was organized during the closing days of the symposium Piran Days of Architecture 2018.
Each year, the projects are nominated by the national selectors of eight invited Central European countries – Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, and this year also Serbia, as well as the students of the twelve architectural faculties from Ljubljana, Maribor, Vienna, Graz, Spittal, Trieste, Pescara, Zagreb, Split, Budapest, Thessaloniki and AA from London. All nominated projects are presented at the exhibition for the Piranesi Award. The jury, which is made up of annual lecturers at the Piran Days, meets the day before the conference and selects prize-winners through an active architectural debate. The prestigious Piranesi Award, two Piranesi Honorary Mentions and the Piranesi Student Honorary Mention are conferred by the honourable patron of the PDA conference.
41 architectural and 22 student projects arrived at the Piranesi exhibition 2018. Members of the international jury, chaired by architect Valerie Mulvin, were Matteo Bolgan, Eduard Callís, Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Gernot Hertl, Palmar Kristmundsson, Niall McCullough, Guillem Moliner and Amir Vuk Zec. 
The International Piranesi Award 2018 was awarded to Francesca Torzo’s project Z33 Contemporary Art Centre in Hasselt, Belgium (2018) with the following jury elaboration:
The new elements complement the existing ones and emphasize the spatial experience. The jury was convinced by the innovation of spatial arrangement – the sequence of external and internal spaces and their transitions – as well as by the bold approach to the transformation of materiality. The outer perimeter re-interprets the façade of the existing building, the new and old seamlessly intertwining. Dramatic and demanding passages between the outer and inner rooms invite the passer-by to enter. The building with its surroundings generates quality architecture of the city area. 
The International Piranesi Honourable Mention 2018 was awarded to Studiospazio for the project Workshop Garage in Suzzara, Italy (2016): An iconic and unusual project is an elegant and simple solution: an excellent idea that goes beyond architecture with a genius design. The same mention went to Feyferlik / Fritzer for the project of Basilica and spiritual house in Mariazell (1992-2019): The project, which was created over a period of two decades, convinced the jury with a collection of radical but patient interventions. In a huge religious complex, architects managed to highlight the specific features of a particular event and program with various architectural solutions.
The winners of the International Piranesi Student Honourable Mention 2018 are Antonia Gerogianni and Zoi-Niki Eleftheriadi (Mentors: Aleka Alexopoulou, Anastasia-Sasa Lada) for the project Terrain Anamorphosis in Thessaloniki, Greece (2018): The jury recognized in the project the concern that the students began to conserve the planet, especially water, which is an essential element and at the same time a tool for the transformation of the landscape, as well as bees and olives. Industrial surfaces were returned to nature, where they come to life again.
Five architectural projects were shortlisted: Mali arsenal, HERA centre for visitors by Iva Letilović and Igor Pedišić (Zadar, Croatia, 2017); The Hug, Housing (Naoussa, Paros, Greece, 2017) by React Architects (Natasha Deliyianni, Yiorgos Spiridonos); Hotel Pacherhof  (Ober Neustift-Vahrn, Austria, 2018) by BergmeisterWolf; project Water Paths: Renovation of Chryssafitissa Square (Monemvasia, Greece, 2016) by Elena Zabeli of MoY studio; Cemetery in Dolní Břežany (Czech Republic, 2016) by Zdeněk Sendler and Radka Táborová (Ateliér zahradní a krajinářské architektury Sendler – Babka).
Five student projects were shortlisted: The conceptual design of the renovation of the Franciscan monastery in Ljubljana (master's thesis, 2018) by Andraž Keršič (Mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec; Co-Mentor: doc. Rok Žnidaršič); The public space as an opportunity for the regeneration of the urban resides of the cities through the theme of water, The case study of the ancient Pignatelli water deposit (Zaragoza, Spain, 2018) by Sara D’Ottavi (Mentor: prof. Alberto Ulisse); House of Religions (Hohenems, Austria, 2018) by Anna Breuer (Mentor: Levente Szabó DLA); Valkane Swimming Pool (Pula, Croatia, 2018)
by Rudolf Martinović (Menthors: Tonči Žarnić, Marina Bertina); project Tanzquartier Ljubljana: Theatre Academy Forum by Saša Sever (Menthors: Hans Gangoly, Eva Sollgruber)
All Piranesi nominations and the names of national and student selectors are published on the website http://www.pida.si/nominations-2018.
Text: Maja Ivanič, architect and president of the organizing board of the PDA