Lecture by Chilean architect Elvira Pérez Villalón

Photo: © Cristóbal Palma / Estudio Palma


On Thursday, 11 April 2019, in the Oris House of Architecture at 6 p.m., Chilean architect and Professor Elvira Pérez Villalón will deliver a lecture titled Chilean architecture - transforming heritage.
International critic has praised Chilean Architecture produced during the last 25 years. What hasn’t been highlighted enough, is the linkage of a significant portion of Chilean recent architecture with preexisting architecture. This has given place to dialog of new and existing structures. Perhaps a significant part of the value of this architecture comes precisely from this dialog. Transforming heritage depends on the ability of identify what has to be preserved and what needs to be transformed. The need to adapt and reuse buildings for museums, institutions and universities has challenged the best Chilean architects, and new generations to design in dialogue with the past to build a sustainable urban future.
•      Sergio Larraín Garcia Moreno Information Center UC (Teodoro Fernández, Smiljan Radic and Cecilia Puga)
•      Faculty of Mathematics Building UC (Alejandro Aravena)
•      Pre-Columbian Museum in Santiago (Smiljan Radic)
•      Nicanor Parra Library (Mathias Klotz)
•      Direction of Libraries and Museums  (Cecilia Puga, Paula Velasco and Alberto Moletto)
•      Faculty of Arts Building (Fernando Pérez and José Quintanilla)
•      School of Medicine UC (Fernando Pérez and Alejandro Aravena)
•      La Moneda Palace Cultural Center (Undurraga-Deves)
•      Mustakis Foundation (Undurraga-Deves)
•      Majadas de Pirque (Alejandra Bosch, Arturo Lyon and Teodoro Fernandez)
•      National Historical Museum of Santiago (Diego Aguilo and Rodrigo Pedraza)
•      Moneda Bicentenario Building, (Teodoro Fernández and Sebastián Hernández)
•      Magnolia Hotel (Cazú Zegers, Gabriel Rudolphy, Ian Hsü)
•      Nave Cultural Centre, Santiago Chile (Smiljan Radic)
Elvira Pérez Villalón:
Faculty of Architecture, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. elvira.perez@uc.cl

Architect Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) 2003. Studies Diploma in Arts, mention Photography, UC 2004. Master Architettura, Storia Progetto, Universitá degli Studi Roma Tre 2009. Diploma in Documentation and Management of Chilean Heritage, Heritage Centre, UC 2009. Doctor in Architecture and Urban Studies, UC 2016. Assistant Director School of Architecture 2003-2005 and Coordinator of Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Architecture UC 2005-2009. Has worked as an academic at the School of Architecture UC since 2007. Chair of the Master in Cultural Heritage UC.
The lecture will be held on english language.