Night of Museums '19 at Oris House of Architecture


Oris House of Architecture is again a part of the Night of Museums manifestation which will be held this year at Friday, February 1st. This year's visitors will have an opportunity to see the exhibition of architectural office Sangrad + AVP titled Identity and Togetherness. The exhibition will present the recently built Varaždin Campus Student Dormitory and restaurant. 
The architectural shaping of the student dormitory is completely in accordance with an all-encompassing approach to the design, characterised by taking into consideration all aspects of humane and sustainable construction. The dynamic and terraced corpus is not the product of the desire for producing an effect, but, rather, it plays its role in encouraging the use of free space. The rhythm of full and glazed surfaces, as modulations of the dynamic corpora, make a restrained and moderate architectural expression, whose self-understandable appearance defines the image of the edge of the city, and offers a possibility of identification to its users.
- Vera Grimmer, Oris + Campus Varaždin student dormitory and restaurant
Learn more about the exhibition here.
Business hours of the gallery at Night of Museums: 9 am - 1 am