Dear all, 
The global pandemics caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus has greatly affected our lives and changed our daily rhythm. We are all forced to make big changes. Such is the destiny of Oris magazine as well. 
In the 20 years of its continuous publishing, Oris magazine has received no significant financial support of state or city institutions, professional organizations or associations. The magazine has relied on its subscribers, sponsors, donators, other projects realised by Oris company and, at the most, on the Days of Oris symposium. Publishing the magazine was rather challenging even before the pandemics, but we have always managed to find strength and invest it in its development. Unfortunately, the circumstances are far more unfavourable now, due to an even bigger and more drastic decrease of investments in culture and publishing. 
We are forced to think about the future of Oris magazine, even consider the possibility of its cancellation. The continuation of this project is a considerable challenge we are currently facing. In order to be able to reach the decision on our further commitment, we kindly ask you to share your plans for the year 2021 (and 2022) regarding your subscription to Oris magazine. 
Your feedback is extremely important to us and we would especially appreciate it if you would take a moment of your time and provide us with your answer, which would help us to make this decision, crucial for the continuation of publishing the Oris magazine. 
Of course, your positive answer does not oblige you to subscribe, but will be used only as a guideline for our future activity. The same goes for your negative answer or ignoring of this survey. 
You can take part in our survey by a simple return of this letter to our address with the YES or NO answer or another message in the FILLING IN THE FORM part at the bottom of this letter.
Thank you.
We look forward to your reply.
Oris TEAM 
Annual subscription to Oris magazine: 
- Students .................... 250 kn
- Subscribers in Croatia.......... 350 kn
- Subscribers abroad ....... 145 €
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