Oris online - PREFA hosts: 3LHD, Mateković, Pedišić


PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH has enjoyed success throughout Europe for over 70 years in the development, production and marketing of roof and facade systems made from aluminium. The slogan "A roof as strong as a bull" was developed in 2001 and makes the PREFA brand one of the best-known, most popular and strongest brands in Austria. 

"Strong as a bull!" is everything that PREFA stands for: products with extreme resistance and durability.
Join us today, 11 May 2021, at 6 PM on the Oris House of Architecture YouTube channel for a PREFA presentation with architects Saša Begović (3LHD), Davor Mateković (Proarh), Vedran Pedišić (SANGRAD + AVP architects) and Zoran Jakopović - PREFA representative for Croatia. Also joinig us are Ursula Obernosterer, PREFARENZEN Ambassador and Lukas Auersperg, Engineering department Manager.
The discussion will be moderated by Andrija Rusan, director of Oris House of Architecture.