Oris online: presentation of the SEECEL Centre in Zagreb


On Tuesday, 20 July 2021 at 6 PM, on Oris House of Architecture YouTube channel, you can watch a presentation of the SEECEL Centre in Zagreb, by architect Igor Franić. 
The project won the "Viktor Kovačić" Award for the most successful achievement in all areas of architectural creativity for 2020, awarded by the Association of Croatian Architects. 
The conversation with Igor Franić will be led by architect, curator, critic and long-time editor of the Oris magazine - Maroje Mrduljaš.


                          Photography: Marko Mihaljević

Igor Franić graduated from the Faculty of Architecture within the University of Zagreb in 1989.  During his studies, he worked in Munich, and participated in the Congresses of European Students. After graduation, he lived and worked in London.
He manages his own project bureau (SZA Studio za arhitekturu), and since 1996 he is employed in the Faculty of Architecture as a Professor. Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Zagreb Architects 2001-2005. His project was given a special certificate on the 35th Zagreb Salon. Awarded on architectural competitions, participated in many exhibitions, both in Croatia and abroad; held a series of lectures on his work. 
Winner of yearly “Viktor Kovačić” Prize for the best architectural achievement in 2010, for Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.