Vedrana Ergić - Adris group Building Interior


Oris House of Architecture is organizing a presentation of Adris grupa's Office Building Interior in Zagreb, which was designed by architect Vedrana Ergić. Accompanying Ergić, the project will be discussed by architect Ante Nikša Bilić and Maroje Mrduljaš, Oris' editor-in-chief. The presentation is set to happen on Monday, 18 December 2017, at 6 pm. 
For Ergić the furnishing of a space is a cultural subject matter and a functional task as well as a part of designing an atmosphere. As a true connoisseur of design history, Ergić selects equipment following the mix and match principle, comparable to the curatorial work, whereas the composition of furniture is guided by aesthetic principles as well as the criteria of its cultural relevance. Ergić rather confidently places such design classics in atypical settings and specific contexts: light fixtures are hung at unusual heights; pieces of furniture are given new roles and purposes. Finally, in collaboration with other designers, Ergić also redesigns certain products to adapt them to the space and ambience. Therefore, if necessary, Ergić is ready to act as a product designer with a special interest in the topic of customization.
Maroje Mrduljaš, Oris+
Vedrana Ergić
Architect, graduated from the Zagreb School of Architecture. In the series of realization of various typologies, she is particularly distinguished in the field of interior architecture design. She is engaged in researching a complete, integrative approach to interior design, combining anthropological aspects of ways of use and interior design, and mathematical precision of articulation of all elements of the project. She explores the concept of transformability and total design by dealing with technology, design and detail. She thoroughly explores the history of design and acts as a product designer in her own projects. She is the winner of numerous awards following urban design and architectural competitions as well as realized projects, the most significant of which are Bernardo Bernardi award in 2017 for the project of the interior of Adris grupa office building in Zagreb and for the interior project of the apartment in the Šufflay house. She was also awarded the Bernardo Bernardi award in 2003 for the project of the interior of the apartment at Ribnjak and the Slovenian Biennial award for interior design in 2006 for the project of the interior of Podravka headquarters in Koprivnica. She publishes papers in professional journals and takes part in exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She is the author of a series of articles on product design.