Exhibition Hosting the Dolomites



On Friday, 1 December 2017, the exhibition Hosting the Dolomites will open in Oris House of Architecture. The exhibition is coming to Zagreb after being presented in Moscow’s State Architectural Museum and at the Italian Embassy in Vienna. 
In 2016, the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (South Tyrolean Artists' Federation, SKB) was invited to organize an exhibition with seven South Tyrolean artists and seven architects in Moscow's State Architectural Museum. The SKB always strives to forge alliances and thus to expand its network to beyond its provincial boundaries and so provide locals with visibility and space in a new context. Now, the exhibition is being presented in the House of Architecture in Zagreb (Croatia).

1) Andreas Flora  2) Feld 72  3) EM2  4) Arnold MArio dall'O
The exhibition's central topic is space – in particular with regards to the region of the Dolomites. Seven renowned architectural offices from the region are each represented with a significant projects planned and implemented in South Tyrol. The objects depicted by photographs and models all represent salient characteristics of South Tyrol and reflect the landscapes, the members of the different linguistic groups, their cultures, their needs, as well as economic sectors relevant for the region.

1) Thomas Sterna  2) Käthe Hager von Strobele  3) Willy Verginer
Roland Baldi is represented with the aerial lift for Meran 2000, Dell‘Agnolo – Kelderer with a renovation project for a farmhouse in Vinschgau. Peter Pichler presents his Mirror Houses, a modern residential building amidst the vineyards of Bozen / Bolzano. EM2 Architekten comes with a new building project for the Tanzer Hotel in Terenten / Terento. The young architects of Feld 72 show off the skilled solution for the design of a winery. Modus Architects present a comprehensive school building in Bozen, and Andreas Flora and Gilbert Sommer are present with their design for a new company headquarters.

1) MoDus arhitekti  2) Kelderer - Dell'Agnolo  3) Ingrid Hora  4) Hubert Kostner
The exhibition is visually expanded by the artistic interventions of seven artists reacting - in various modes of expression - to the province and its peoples with visionary, critical, and thoughtful contributions. Gino Alberti presents large-format landscape paintings with a surreal effect. Arnold Mario Dall’O transforms an ordinary silo bale on a one-to-one scale with aluminum. Hubert Kostner mutates the stylized winter landscape of the Dolomites printed on switchboards into vertical room partitions. The photographic work of Käthe Hager von Strobele focuses on the interior of an old country manor, and the usable wooden objects of Ingrid Hora represent an ironic reminder of the deep roots she has in her homeland. Willy Verginer takes a typical wooden house and alienates it in an ensemble. Thomas Sterna himself becomes part of his work of art – by letting a miniature railroad in an idyllic landscape circle about his head.

1) Peter Pichler  2) Gino Alberti  3) Roland Baldi
The project's curators are architect David Calas and Lisa Trockner for the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (South Tyrolean Artists' Federation).
The exhibition will stay on view till 16 December, 2017. 

This project was made possible by the support of the Autonomous Province of Bozen / Bolzano, South Tyrol.