Exhibition Da, voDA!



DA, voDA!
Exhibition of works submitted to the competition for the design of objects intended for Zagreb water consumption
On Tuesday, 15 January, 2019, at 18:00 in Oris House of Architecture opens the exhibition DA, voDA! It is an exhibition of works submitted to the competition for the design of objects intended for consumption of Zagreb water.
The competition, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Zagreb waterworks, was announced by City of Zagreb, Zagreb Holding and “Vodoopskrba i odvodnja”. The competition puts an accent on designing, cultivating and evaluating water as a key natural resource.
Awarded works:
Tokpotok by Bruno Gloković and Tanja Virag with mentorship by Andrea Hercog
Manda by Iva Ćurković Spajić and Karla Glavaš
Zgoda by Market Kolektiv
Pitka by Filip Havranek and Kristina Lugonja
The design of a system consisting of glasses, bottles, bottles, thermo bottles, ice molds, innovative water-consuming objects and accompanying packaging was required in the competition. It was necessary to identify and symbolise these designs with a unique natural resource - drinking water from the Zagreb waterworks.
By awarding the works, productions of objects that promote drinking of Zagreb tap water was enabled and thus the preservation of this valuable natural resource was encouraged.
The purpose of this project is also the affirmation of Croatian design. Award-winning works are a testament to the excellence of Croatian designers, and the items to be produced will be the best ambassadors of national creativity and skill of professional design, taking on an increasingly important place on the map of world-class design. The items will be used in Croatia as well as abroad. The purpose of the competition is to enable the creation of a set of items that will enhance the recognisability of one of Zagreb's key natural resources, which will increase citizens' awareness of their value and encourage them to preserve it. The objects will be used in public institutions of the City of Zagreb, among which are kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly and health homes, and as protocol gifts. In that way, Zagreb's values and Croatian design are presented in a unique synergy, on the national and international scene.
Exhibition DA, voDA! can be seen until 26 January, 2019.