International conference City-making: space, culture, and identity


On Thursday and Friday (17 and 18 May) at Oris House of Architecture an international conference will be held under the title City-making: space, culture, and identity.

Within the project City-making: space, culture, and identity the city-making is regarded as a comprehensive concept aiming at untangling and understanding of multiple, multilayered and interdependent (f)actors and processes that influence contemporary urban transformations and urban life.

Two perspectives that are crucial for city-making are the politics of space and the politics of difference. The first perspective evolves around the concept of public space as produced by social-cultural, political, economic and environmental interactions, tensions and negotiations creating specific material and symbolic urban landscapes. The second perspective refers to the concept of diversity, or in gateway cities, of super-diversity of city residents: it arises not only with regard to cultural and ethnic differences but also with regard to professional, educational, employment, class, legal status, age, gender and other differences.

We would like to present some of our research results regarding Zagreb urban transformations at the conference. In addition, we would like the conference to give us an opportunity to discuss theoretical and methodological potentials of the concept of city-making as we understand it with colleagues doing research in various other cities of the world. 

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