Chilean Days of Oris



Free entrance. 
Please confirm your participation at or 01 37 78 177.
On Thursday, 19 December, at 4 p.m., three Chilean architects - Alberto Moletto, Álvaro Ramírez and Francisco Cepeda will give lectures in the Oris House of Architecture. After the lectures, the exhibition Winter: Images of the contemporary Chilean architecture will be opened.

In wintertime, 15 photographers visited some of the contemporary architecture projects that have put Chile on the map over the last three decades. A collection of new images present the singularity of these works that have shaped the recent imaginary and brought visibility to this area of Chile’s cultural development.  A selection of these photographs hovers over details, forms, textures, lights and colors, in spaces, landscapes or natural environments. Documentary excerpts show the ways of life, the relations between buildings and cities or natural environs. The piece focuses on images more than on architecture using either photography or audiovisual segments. This new view of these constructions highlights their contributions, intrinsic value and the possible contemporary currents affecting the local culture.

Curator: Cristóbal Molina Baeza.
Organized by: Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Chile
Collaborator: Antenna.