Exhibition by Renata Waldgoni World from the drawings



We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition by professor and architect Renata Waldgoni World form the drawings, which will be held on 31 January at Oris House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava 3), starting at 6 p.m. 

On my drawing

As a long-term professor of the Section of Drawing and Visual design at the Faculty of Architecture, I feel great responsibility to select and show my own drawings. 
As a long-term designer of houses and (their) interiors,
I have found it especially demanding to choose a drawing;
educational for students, representative for the Faculty,
the right one for you or the dearest to me.
The task of finding them in my scattered archive has proved to be most challenging! 
To an observer, it is quite difficult to see many different architectural drawings at the same place, without knowing all the facts of the project.
Initial sketches are often discarded or misplaced.
Drawings, layouts of spaces and/or concepts,
are often the intermediate step in the process of the realisation of a project.
They are often drawn in a way familiar to me;
while they might seem representative to others,
they are initial drawings to me. 
Initial drawings of a space are often realised.
Initial drawings of a space are often not realised.
Sometimes, a drawing is based on a photograph;
the reminder of spatial facts.
Sometimes, a drawing is done first and then verified
by a photograph.
Sometimes, a colour presents the desired atmosphere of the space, in the process of realisation and execution of a design.
Sometimes, as the experience of the space increases,
drawings are dismissed and designer ideas are implemented 
‘only’ by a simultaneous presentation of the plan and section (hand, pencil)
Sent to an editorial board on 5 May 2003, published in a collection of papers in 2013, still relevant in 2020
Renata Waldgoni

Renata Waldgoni was born in 1957 in Zagreb, where she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in 1981. The same year, on the invitation of Professor Josip Vaništa to participate in the classes of the Section of Drawing and Visual Design, she started her teaching career. A full professor with tenure at the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, Department of Ornamental Plants, Landscape Architecture and Garden Art at the Faculty of Agriculture and the Academy of Fine Arts (Sculpture). She started working with her high-school colleague, Andrej Uchytil, back in 1982. Their long cooperation has earned many awards and recognitions, and their projects were exhibited in the country and abroad. For the project of the St. John Apostle and Evangelist Catholic Church in Novi Zagreb, they received the Grand Prix of the 44th Zagreb Salon of Architecture. Waldgoni designs a lot, realizes some projects (family house in Bužanova Street, interiors of houses, exhibition setups, graphic design). Awards: café Club Camel (29th Zagreb Salon of Architecture, award for the interior) in 1994 and business building Blitz-film & video distribution (Piranesi, recognition and nomination for the Grand Prix of the 32nd Zagreb Salon of Architecture) in 1997.