Exhibition Kohki Hiranuma - The Structure of Thoughts



The opening of the exhibition Kohki Hiranuma - The Structure of Thoughts will be held in the Oris House of Architecture on April 11th 2015, at 12 p.m.
As a part of the exhibition, on April 16th 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Faculty of Architecture, Mr Hiranuma will hold a lecture about his projects and his work.

Kohki Hiranuma was born in Osaka (Japan), in 1971.Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates was established in '99, after attending AA School in London (England). His works include The University of Tokyo Space Lab - an environmental architecture developed using sustainable timber that was set inside the Komaba Campus of The University of Tokyo, and D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT - a conversion project to explore the way how to sustain long life design / recycle store through creating a new value on the architecture that exist in the area. He has received many awards, such as Innovative Architecture International Award (Italy), and German Design Award (Germany). Participated Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in ‘14.. Currently, He teaches at Osaka University, at the same time He leads a Non-Profit Organization / Art & Architect Festa (NPO/AAF).

Additional information about the life and work of Kohki Hiranuma can be found HERE.

The exhibition will stay opened until April 17th 2015

Free admission.