Exhibition Where Do People Go After They Die?



Exhibition Where Do People Go After They Die? will open on Tuesday, 10 April 2018, at 7 pm in Oris House of Architecture. This exhibition project signed by young illustrator from Zagreb – KLARXY – sets to present a graphic novel that in the form of an underworld map attempts to provide an answer to this eternally burning question – Where do people go after they die?

Our visitors will have a chance to see the graphic novel in its full size, and at the same time look into the composition details, before those became parts of the whole. By examining those details, one will discover additional gems such as Killa slova’s typography or the etching details made by Klarxy herself.

Where do people go after they die? A question which has ignited the imaginations of practically every culture throughout every period of human history, and given us thousands of different answers. But none of them quite like this one. Artist and illustrator Klarxy takes us on a journey through the Downstairs, a place where people end up if they choose to keep on existing after their deaths. These idiosyncratic Elysian Fields are filled with a plethora of quirky characters in different stages of their “Active Deaths”. A tour guide of the Downstairs, an elderly couple visiting their dead granddaughter and a young woman who suffocated on her wedding night are just some of the hundreds of inhabitants who guide us through their strange world. An art piece as much as a graphic novel, the book has enclosed in it instructions on how to read it. Created in layers using different artistic techniques, the graphic novel “Where do people go after they die?” has an atmosphere which invites the reader to find out more about the unique world it presents.
Marul Kuljiš, from the catalogue

KLARXY is a 23-year-old illustrator from Zagreb. She graduated in animated film and new media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and illustration from the University of Falmouth. She has designed several book covers (Miljenko Jergović’s books published by FRAKTURA: Doboši noći; Sarajevo, plan grada), comic books (Komikaze, Skica – ADU student magazine), one mural so far (Indirekt festival, Umag), several posters (ADU’s student exhibitions and political lexicon, GANZ NOVI FESTIVAL etc.), two animations (2 kitice – 20 000 milja pod morem; UNHCR animation), three solo exhibitions (Art Caffe, Vinyl, KSET) and three group exhibitions (The International Summit of Cheap Graphics NA RUBU 2015; 36 Mountains – international illustration festival, 2015 and 2016).

The exhibition will stay on view till 28 April 2018.