Komenda/Krstulović/Popić/Škrobonja - House Z



On Tuesday, 18 February at 6 p.m., in the Oris House of Architecture, an exhibition titled House Z will be opened, organised in cooperation of 312 Architectural workshop and a group of authors. 
House Z is an audio video installation of the art team consisting of Mišo Komenda, Ana Krstulović, Dora Popić and Darko Škrobonja. It refers to a summer house on the island of Brač, which was being constructed at the moment of the installation production, with the intention of recreating the mentioned space with the help of audiovisual and performative elements. Starting from the idea of exploring the possibilities and power of architecture beyond its primary use, authors have interpreted the construction site as a space for art performance. By using music improvisation and the human body in movement, they have established a relation with the spatial elements of the house. Next to music instruments, the sound is generated by exploring sound characteristics of the existing building material and thus corresponds with the performance based on the disciplines of contemporary circus. 
Authors of the House Z installation are Mišo Komenda, designer and musician, Ana Krstulović, architect, Dora Popić, architect and circus artist and Darko Škrobonja, multimedia artist. Authors of the architectural project of the summer house which is the basis of the House Z art work are architects Ana Krstulović and Nikola Popić.