Oris magazine for architecture and culture of living has been active since 1998. The magazine is published bimonthly in Croatian and English. Circulation is 7000 copies and the magazine is aimed at professionals (architects, urban planners, designers) but also at the wider public interested in architecture, design, photography, theatre, visual arts and theory. Since 2012 the magazine is available in digital edition.

The editorial concept of the magazine is based on the promotion and evaluation of buildings of cultural significance. Since its launch the magazine has been focused on archictecture produced by outstanding individuals and highly valuable works, with the certain emphasis on the Middle-European context. There has been a continuous aspiration to retain the balance of presentations of regional and international works in order to explore relations and connections between local and foreign practices, regarding global, international tendencies, or regional scenes.

Since the first issue the magazine has retained its basic concept, but it also addresses current changes and demands. It therefore takes a more involved position with the stabilization of social situation and the increase of building production. In this way, apart from the promotion of achievements, the magazine also attempts to criticize especially sensitive or particularly exposed projects or interventions of greater urban significance. Critics are also encouraged to carry out an objective and complex evaluation of the works they have studied. Furthermore, after the normalization of the situation in the South-Eastern Europe, efforts have been made to describe events in these regions and to participate in their affirmation.

The structure of the magazine is not strictly organized in sections, but the content of the magazine changes according to the theme frame of each issue and current events. Each issue is thus different; different subject areas are given more or less space and it is aspired that they form thematic units or that they are, to a certain degree, connected in content. In terms of genre, most articles are written as critical surveys, but essays have also been published. The magazine also cherishes the tradition of extensive interviews with most prominent leading figures on the international and local scene.

The magazine reviews recent architectural practices but it also covers events in design, photography, fashion, theatre, visual arts and theory. The editorial team is quite stable and some of current editors have been working in the magazine since its first issue, which guarantees continuity and professionalism. Over the years the editorial board has also brought in new members of younger generation and thus formed a team with heterogeneous preferences and interests. The magazine is a collective product, and the working method of the editorial board is based on repeated discussions on every article, as well as the equal distribution of responsibility and work. Oris company has executive editors and it has developed business strategy, distribution and marketing, which provides a solid base for the work of the editorial board. Since 1999 Oris was or has been edited by: Ante Nikša Bilić, Damir Fabijanić, Sanja Filep, Tadej Glažar, Vera Grimmer, Ante Rašić, Andrija Rusan, Urša Komac, Matej Mljač, Mateja Medvedič, Silva Kalčić, Maroje Mrduljaš, Ana Šilović, Alan Kostrenčić, Ana Dana Beroš, Miranda Veljačić, Tamara Zamelli and Dubravka Jančić.

Design is a significant characteristic of the identity and concept of the magazine so the visual layout has been harmonized with the readability and the transparency of the contents. It has been renewed regularly; the first 49 issues were done by Studio Rašić from Zagreb and from the 50th issue the layout of Oris has been made according to the design by Damir Bralić, Vanja Cuculić, and Nikola Đurek. A limited submission was held for this redesign and seven prominent Croatian designers and studios participated in order to obtain the most appropriate solution.

We have entered the year 2018, the year in which we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, with a brand new editorial concept of Oris magazine!

New editorial concept is accompanied with a new design by our house designer Borjana Katić. New design establishes a dialogue with the previous one by keeping the contemporary visual language while introducing a more dynamic relationship in between the magazine’s entries, thus following the new concept. 

In 2021. publishing of oris magazine has been temporarily cancelled.