Let's Talk Space Locational Idenitity and the Architecture of Hospitality

written by Elke Krasny


Look at this, it is like paradise. They actually built paradise for us on top of this tunnel. But there is a reason for this. They planned this for us because they want us to meet here so we get along with each other again. They want the people from Bindermichl and the people from Spallerhof to make peace and that’s why they made this wonderful park here so we have a chance to get together. We all call it our park. I don’t really know if this park has a name. It is just our park. As an artist-in-residence of Bellevue – Das Gelbe Haus (The Yellow House), temporary landmark of Linz Cultural Capital 2009, I collected the walking routes of people living in the neighbourhood trying to find out how they navigate their territory, how they perceive it and what they would like to share about their daily experiences with others.