Gymnasium / Quantum Leap in Miroslav Krleža Street

architects Lea Pelivan, Toma Plejić
project Gymnasium and Sports Hall, Koprivnica, Croatia
written by Vedran Mimica


It is precisely this sort of thinking about the great responsibilities borne by contemporary architecture in Croatia that prompted us to select the projects presented here, the ones capable of rising above the simple functionalist response to the problem posed by the client, and it convinced us to award the architects who have proven themselves capable of transcending stylistic preoccupations and linguistic classifications.
Stefano Boeri, 38th Zagreb Salon Catalogue, 2003


Joining in on the European cultural discourse with a slight delay, the Croatian Architects Association invited Stefano Boeri to judge the 38th Zagreb Architecture Salon in 2003. Boeri thus became the first internationally renowned architect invited to select the best among the 450 entered works as a “dilettante” (at least as far as “genuine” familiarity with Croatian architecture is concerned).