Kindergarten - Elementary Space

architect Stanko Kristl
project "Mladi Rod" Kindergarten, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Tadej Glažar, Tina Gregorič


Users and their relationship towards space is the main issue in the research approach of architect Stanko Kristl. He stresses the importance of space sociology and psychology, linking it to other well-known characteristics of Ravnikar’s School1, like for example, project consistency from location in space all the way down to author’s details. Mladi Rod kindergarten, the work of architect Stanko Kristl, attracted a lot of attention at the time it was built, and not only when it won the competition. Although the professional audience welcomed it with great approval, evident from the fact that there was an immediate order to build the same kindergarten in New Belgrade, as well as from the great interest in West Germany after its publication in the prominent magazine Bauwelt and an international exhibition in Berlin, the project faced great resistance from local politicians.