The Charm of Restraint

architects aksl arhitekti
project Restaurant, Café and Wine Boutique "Rosemary", Maribor, Slovenia
written by Maja Ivanič


Competitive spirit is not a bad feature. It stirs up creativity. Under the motto “We can do more and better”, urban spaces and even whole cities gain new appearance and a new life. This has happened in Maribor with Rožmarin, the kind of restaurant-bar that even the Slovene capital does not have. Thus it is worth one’s while seizing a day in one’s week to visit the Styrian capital and spend a nice evening there. 


It’s not just that the restaurant-bar offers top catering and selection of wines, one can also enjoy its aesthetic aspect. A walk through a whole palette of rooms is an invitation to discover ambiance delicacies. A thoroughly worked-out graphic appearance completes them.