A Spark of History - A Pleasure of the Present

architect Boris Podrecca
projects Via Mazzini, Pedestrian Zone, Italy (with Domenico La Marca)
               Strossmayer Park, Croatia (with Ante Kuzmanić)
              Main Square, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


Podrecca understands the richness of stone – and needs it. Stone is a body and he, the architect, has a sensual relationship to it. He does not need to be reminded that sensual perception and bodily reaction are interconnected, generating feelings.
Werner Oechslin: “Boris Podrecca – in der Mitte”, “Offene Räume / Public Spaces”, SpringerWienNew York, 2004-05-31


Stone in all the variants of its finish, from polished to bossed, in its gamut of warm and cold, in the different varieties of its appearance, from stone cladding to stone monolith, plays the main role in Boris Podrecca’s design of public spaces. There is a truly impressive number of such places – between 1989 and 2004, he realised 22 of them, and there are another 32 unrealised projects designed between 1984 and 2003. All those projects are located within the borders of Podrecca’s “cultural geography” – Central and South Europe.