Synthesis of Forms

architect Enrico Trolis
project Beach Facility on the Stoja Peninsula, Pula, Croatia
written by Jasna Galjer


The architectural scene in Pula in the 1930s was dominated by a new generation credited for the definite affirmation of modern architecture in a milieu to which Enrico Trolis also belongs, alongside Alfeo Pauletta, Angioli Manzzoni, Lino Moscheni, Gustav Pulitzer Finaljo, Ottomar Heininger and Aurelio Brussi. Unlike the architecture of the 1930s in Zagreb and Rijeka, the genesis of Pula’s modern architecture still awaits its historic evaluation and valorisation. Although there is too little data at present to be able to speak of a unique “school”, even on the level of primary categorisation, it is most definitely an authentic contribution to the stylistic discourse on Modern architecture, whose significance greatly surpasses the margins of Italian Functionalist and Rationalist architecture between the two world wars.