A Black Line in the Landscape

architects Bergmeisterwolf Architekten
project Villa P, Neustift – Vahrn, Italy
written by Edith Schlocker


Villa P is a hybrid of a residential house and a winery, designed for a young wine maker and owner of the Pacherhof winegrowing estate in Neustift, South Tyrol by bergmeisterwolf architects.


The winegrowing area of South Tyrol has a long-standing tradition. Winegrowing hills and centuries-old vineries and estates shape the mountain landscape. The estates have always adjusted to the demands of time, but have never before transformed as much as they do at present, when young wine makers are commissioning ambitious architects to design modern work and living areas. In the last couple of years the competition among wine producers has become so intense, as if they were taking part in a sporting competition. Andreas Huber, the junior manager of Pacherhof winery in Neustift, is one of the wine makers who participated in this competition. He appointed bergmeisterwolf, two architects from Brixen, to build him a villa; an attractive hybrid of a house, winery, and a wine cellar in the middle of the vineyard. The villa overlooks the old Pacherhof estate, mentioned in the documents as early as 1142, which makes it older than the powerful Augustinian monastery which dominates the landscape of the small town.