Crystal in Loess

architects Gerner Gerner Plus Architects
project Weritas – Regional Visitor and Wine Centre, Kirchberg am Wagram, Austria
written by Wojciech Czaja


It is fascinating to learn how the Wagram region was formed. The sand that accumulated in the last glacial period and, increasingly, throughout the millenniums, resulted in the formation of a sedimentary deposit, the so-called loess. About 10,000 years ago, the ice sheet eventually retreated leaving a ravine behind that to this day divides the area north of the Danube into two levels.


Some consider the several-meter-deep chasms frightening, while others are intrigued by this interesting building plot. That was exactly the case with the inhabitants of Kirchberg am Wagram. They invited Viennese architects gernerºgerner plus to design their new wine shop.