The Ambigous Intervention

architect Francisco Vieira de Campos
project Quinta do Vallado Winery, Extension, Peso da Régua, Portugal


In the landscape as unique and astonishing as Douro, any intervention must be very precise. That is why the first challenge was to underline the distinctive identity of the project, retaining respect for the landscape. Each gesture had to be precise, adapting itself to the given programme, while offering an expressiveness that values both, the built complex, and the surrounding landscape. There were two areas of intervention in the Quinta do Vallado expansion project – production and leisure – with an additional challenge: to maintain and integrate the pre-existing buildings in a new complex with a distinctly contemporary vocabulary. Covering all three purposes required great technical precision, and resulted in great simplicity, both in the use of material, and in the creation of forms. This assured minimal impact to the landscape. The same economy of means was used to create very seductive spaces. Seduction of the visitor was always part of the game.