The Room as an Ideal of Beauty

architects Agence Moatti - Rivière
project Museum of Decorative Arts, Fashion and Ceramics, Marseille, France


The Château Borély, a former 18th century bastide, is today a distinguished Museum of Decorative Arts, Fashion and Ceramics. There are decorative arts collections from the 19th and 20th centuries, while the collections from the 18th century are presented under the title of The Golden Age.


The conversion project of the Château Borély to a museum is coherent with the logic of highlighting the chateau itself. Though the exceptional collections which are to be exhibited benefit from the greatest care in terms of scenography, unveiling the building of the chateau is one of the core elements of its museographic development. We need to understand just how beauty was appreciated in the 17th century – beauty as a vital function, beauty of spirit, beauty of place, beauty of collections acquired, and beauty in the precision of material.