We Don’t Believe You

authors Aldo Ivančić, Dario Seraval
interviewed by Željko Luketić, Alan Kostrenčić


Interviewed in Zagreb 10 May 2014


At the beginning of May Zagreb Gallery Greta issued a newsletter carrying the following text: After more than two decades Aldo Ivančić and Dario Seraval are returning to the music scene. Before releasing the new album for the American record label, Metropolis Records, titled So Man Created God, Borghesia presented a series of photographs Dub Photo in cooperation with photographer Andraž Muljavec. The photographs focus on transferring music dubbing into the medium of photography, but are also inspired by the direct adaptation of paintings and icons of this place and time, such as the readymade Dada wheel by Marcel Duchamp. Each topic was explored in four steps: it tried to capture the event which disintegrates the initial image and, consequently, analogously records the repercussions of the movement with a long exposition. Along with Duchamp, the photographs also depict Clint Eastwood, Mao Tse-Tung and Virgin Mary. We interviewed Aldo Ivančić and Dario Seraval on the day the exhibition was installed, only a few hours before the opening. There were a lot of questions, yet, unfortunately, not enough time. Next to Laibach and nsk, Borghesia was said to be the second most successful Slovenian cultural export product.


ORIS: You have not been active for twenty years in this setup. Why did you decide to come back now, and how did you make this decision? You have been preparing the new album for a long time.


Aldo Ivančić: I think it was all rather spontaneous. A part of the exhibition on alternative movement in the 1980s at the International Centre of Graphic Arts (mglc) in Ljubljana was, naturally, dedicated to Borghesia. We met there after twenty years. We started talking about releasing the compilation of selected works, and started working again soon after. The compilation 20th Century – Selected Works came out in 2009.


Dario Seraval: We had something to say, and we decided to say it.