When I Open My Eyes, I See a Movie

architects DG Arhitekti
project Boutique hotel Bevanda, Opatija, Croatia
written by Davorka Vučić Šneperger


We shift from a realistic environment into a layered space of interlaced architecture and nature, the combination of which stirs the appetite to enjoy the changes happening on the big screen in front of us.


I will describe it in Andy Warhol’s words, The best atmosphere I can think of is film, because it’s three dimensional physically and two dimensional emotionally.


Opatija’s Bevanda Restaurant, Hotel & Bar is a space of communication between the sea and the city, a place which invites us to surrender to our senses, in which we leave the usual city scenes, the summer stage neighborhood, the gas station, and the muted glow of the old Lido behind us. We are served with a sea view that invites us to gaze into the distance.