A Tamed Animal or a Wild Beast

author Urša Vrhunc
written by Kristina Dešman

Take a Seat! is a line of unique urban furniture featuring interesting pre-dimensioned shapes devised by the architect Urša Vrhunc. So far there have been two versions of a table reminiscent of wild animals. Due to its striking appearance, this urban piece of furniture turns attention to the location of its placement.
Design principles of the Take a Seat! project
The construction of the wooden table is recognizable as familiar to those in picnic areas or used for garden parties. This archetypal form is enlarged for the needs of the Take a Seat! project; above it there is a canopy providing shadow or serving as a source of light. In the design process, the author obviously followed the principle of attaching an existing industrial or artistic product, i.e. one fragment of it, to the wooden construction.