Archetypes of Contemporaneity

architects Katušić Kocbek Arhitekti
project Bas office extension, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Matevž Granda


Things can always be interpreted in several ways. If one is a rationalist, the renovation of business premises of the bas production company in Ljubljana could be described as follows: client wanted to renovate existing offices and add them new facilities. Architects redesigned the existing surfaces into the fundus and service areas. Additional surfaces were designed, such as the large meeting room, and an extra office. Natural illumination of interior space is solved with glass partition walls which allow penetration of natural light in the rear of the volume. Thus the architects created a high-quality office space and naturally lighted services. However, since the nature of the work requires occasional privacy, the architects introduced double layered heavy curtains on each side of the glass barriers. Big peepholes on both sides allow a playful interaction between spaces, which is defined by current users’ needs. The result of the renovation is a modern, open, and transparent workspace.