Layout, Spatiality, Sculptural Form

architects Petar Mišković, Vanja Rister
project Family House, Rijeka, Croatia
written by Tonči Žarnić


How to realize the distance, intellectual and artistic, from the context, and to reach a construct that affirms the autonomy of architecture and the potential of an abstract model? Or, how far can a possible departure from the adjustment to the context lead after implementing the contextualization? The same questions of distance can also be posed in relation to the function, to the time of origin of the artifact, to the life within.


A subtle and precise architectural response, mathematically correct, is the project completed by Petar Mišković and Vanja Rister in Rijeka, which speaks about the autonomy of architectural work and its integrative capacity.


The multiplied square prism of the basic spatial unit/room closes and opens the spiral sequence of living spaces. The microcosm of the house is based on the way through life situations, each of them interpreted as a break or a fracture for itself, growing on its own soil.