Workplace and Living Space

architects Feyferlik / Fritzer
project Primary School Bad Blumau, Styria, Austria
written by Karin Tschavgova


Concentration and movement: children have the possibility to withdraw; there are classrooms with free space, and the agora. A small school in Bad Blumau is an invitation to freedom of thought and work.


In Austria, committed educators and citizens have been calling for a school reform for years. Namely, we still have the outdated system of ex cathedra teaching, standard, and half-day classes. There is a lot of talk about this, but nothing changes. School space-allocation programs with standard-sized classrooms, the minimum width of hallways, and a focus on safety and hygiene regulations are the norm. What counts is to stay within the budget. Being forced to accept business as usual, committed architects ask themselves what is to be done.