New Standards of Urban Comfort

architects de Architekten Cie.
project Dadong Arts Centre, Kaoshiung, Taiwan
written by Theo Deutinger


The Dadong Arts Centre is located in Kaohsiung, the economic centre of southern Taiwan. Before the opening of China to foreign markets, Taiwan was the leading economy of the region. Due to this industrial focus, the towns of Taiwan developed a generic industrial city fabric neglecting adequate public spaces. At present the government is about to restore the strong brand of Made in Taiwan to its former glory. One of the main points of this program is the adaptation of its cities to the needs and wishes of a post-industrial society; consequently Taiwan’s cities urgently need to be upgraded with well-functioning urban spaces that accommodate the people and help to generate enjoyable inner-city districts. The Dadong Arts Centre has to be seen in the light of this strive for urban rejuvenation; it is primarily designed as a new public domain, setting new standards of urban comfort.