Expressive Introversion

architects Grupo Aranea
project Lude House, Cehegin, Murcia, Spain
written by Mira Stanić


As most Mediterranean localities, the entire region of Murcia in southeastern Spain is marked by a significant degree of overlap between historical layers and cultures. The same could be said of the dense urban tissue of Cehegín, a small town situated away from the coastal buzz, beginning from the old nucleus on its hilltop and then all the way to the edges of the southern slope, where the Lude House is situated. On this site, the existing house, positioned on a corner block in town, is reduced to a mere foundation for a new construction. Although such practices can certainly be viewed negatively, in these surroundings they are extremely usual. The immediate context is marked by populist architecture that relies on Mediterranean vernacular, whose context is infused by culture, space and materiality. As much as they are diverse, the shape of the nearby houses is justified by their duration along with continuous redistribution, more out of need than out of ambition. In such a multi-layered environment, formal innovativeness and continuity are both feasible.