Consonance with Nature

architectural office Medprostor
project Family House, Hribljane, Slovenia
written by Maruša Zorec

Is it really immanent to architecture to stand out from the natural context with its abstract form? If we look at two examples, the Greek temple in Segesta, Sicily, or Le Corbusier's modernist villa, it seems that natural context and architecture are not in a direct formal dialogue, but that they communicate with nature in an abstract way – with their thought-out position, spatial integration, and relationships.
Only by re-examining the essence of modernity, an architecture that establishes relationships with the natural context in a different way starts to emerge. The architecture of Alvar Aalto opens up new horizons where architecture and nature are no longer so far apart. With his architectural structures, Aalto approaches natural structures with extreme subtlety. He also explains this in his texts in which he talks about the logic of cellular organization of nature and its connection to architecture. The nature of structuralism is concealed in the capacity for infinite expansion and growth; the shape is unburdened, allowing flexibility and the interweaving of use and user participation. The network becomes an organizational principle.