Democratic Understanding of Design

interviewed by Marko Golub


Ira Payer has undoubtedly been one of the most influential people in Croatian design in the last two decades, not due to some individual penetrating authorial personality, language, or aesthetics, but rather a tireless, thorough work on shaping a better, more incentivising, dynamic, and happier environment for design and designers. In addition to her own design practice (Cavarpayer, Superstudio), she has been at the head of the Croatian Designers Association (HDD) for three terms, she has founded and led the Croatian Design Superstore and the Design District Zagreb Festival, and has initiated a number of other projects, many of which are still active today. Ira's activity in all spheres is characterized by an extraordinary openness, flexible sensitivity that easily recognizes and captures everything from experimental practices to those specifically targeted towards markets, to powerful advocacy and organizational talent, and to the overwhelming attitude that one needs to do what one believes in.