Functional and Strong Link

architectural office LAAC
project Urban Stitch, Design of a Public Square, Dornbirn, Austria

The open space design project ‘Stadtnaht Dornbirn’ exploits the urban potential of a topographical feature and transforms a periphery into a spatial urban joint. The project integrates and expands the existing public realm in central Dornbirn. The concept pursues the idea of a joint that provides a functional and solid connection between two elements, while also generating new urban quality in both spatial and architectural terms. Much of the Dornbirn’s centre has been a traffic-free pedestrian zone and a lively event location since 1989. According to the urban development plan, the edge of Dornbirn’s old town, with its small-scale, rural structure, should undergo a long-term transformation into a busy and dynamic downtown district. The centrally situated market square is dominated by the Parish Church on its western edge. The pedestrian zone stretches in an arc around the church, from the square towards Schulgasse to the west. Due to its significance as an important main axis across the town centre, Schulgasse acts as a spatial connection between a series of socially and culturally significant locations. The expansion of the pedestrian zone towards Schulgasse will enable the core of the town to fulfil its new role as a dynamic centre.