Port for Birds and Stars

author Željko Burić
project Puerto Luna Azul Atelier and Country House, Puntera, Istria, Croatia
written by Paolo Magelli

It seems as if Lorenzo the Magnificent himself, from the 15th century Florence, is depicting and describing Puerto Luna Azul, this amazing house built by Željko Burić in Puntera, Istria. Each mention of it is a spiritual journey that opens up numerous possibilities and provides thousands of reflections. I have witnessed this project from its very beginnings; the way it grew, acquired dimensions and gained shape, like a creature sprouting from the Womb of the Earth and facing life. My time in the theatre has taught me that materials also have a soul, though it is materialised and interactive only if the project is creative and flexible. If there is project coordination in space and time, in constant movement and search for new perfection, and difficulties are appreciated, it can be shaped. It is when wood, iron, cement and stone listen to you as delighted and obedient children. For me, this is what represents the synthesis of the birth of Puerto Luna Azul, a very elegant and light birdhouse built of wood and iron, cement and glass, composited on a magical site plot, embraced by wondrous stone walls.