Rupturing the Continuity

authors Matias Alarcón, Cristian Fuhrhop, Cristobal Montalbetti
project Ester’s Grotto, Liucura, Araucanía, Chile 


Beyond the physical characteristics that each body presents, there are endless immaterial references that are inherited through the assimilation of time, memory and place. These awake the visual references that lie within the collective imaginary constructing prejudices. Relinquishing them implies the process of resignifying, and in this instance, mourning becomes the construction of grief. We yearn to believe that material prejudices are superfluous that ways of building do not represent norms, but follow references, as if they were memoires of how things had been done and simultaneously conveying a sense of what is still possible. That is why we limit ourselves and introduce the project from a constructive perspective, though doing so preserves in a somewhat implicit manner the projective responsibility lying within - a memorial and a grave. An agreement was reached to work with concrete, which is an unusual choice of material for this area, where it is mainly used for foundations. Instead of viewing this as a limitation, we wanted to understand it as a measure, a way of approaching the project, and thus enabling greater freedom, deviating from the conventional towards a possible material exploration.