Less is more

author Vladimir Ambroz
project Brno Lounge Chair

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The company amosdesign carried out the reconstruction of the interior of Villa Tugendhat and, while engaged in this activity, also produced replicas of the metal furniture originally installed in this villa corresponding to pieces produced in 1930. The Brno chair created for the Tugendhat project is being produced in an altered version up to the present day. It is now mainly used in offices, even though it was originally designed as a chair for a dining table. The chair is relatively hard by today´s standards, with parchment upholstery. There was also a model constructed from a flat steel bar featuring more comfortable upholstery. In 1930, complete furniture collections were not produced as they are today, i.e. with armchairs, bar stools and other variants. We therefore supplemented the original model with a low light lounge chair which looks perhaps as the original author would have designed it. The tubular material used is the same as the material used for the original chair, but of course the shape and size have been changed. The upholstery of the seat and the backrest is made of quality leather manufactured by Spinneybeck, and it provides, understandably, a much greater degree of sitting comfort than the original. The resulting design is, in fact, a tribute to the original architect. The clever simplicity of his design is an inspiration for many products today, and its appearance is completely timeless. The Brno lounge chair is complemented by a small table constructed from a bent tube and a white Carrara marble slab. The whole design of the Brno lounge chair is maximally subtle and its style and size is in harmony with the original philosophy of furniture design in the Bauhaus spirit. It is, however, an elegant and luxurious accessory for today’s home and office interiors.