Brewing a Rebirth

architect Jean Nouvel
project Fábrica Moritz, Barcelona, Spain
written by Alicia Guerrero Yeste, Fredy Massad


Even though undersigned by different local and foreigners architects, there is probably a certain sense of unity in the most remarkable refurbishment projects located in Barcelona, which is why Jean Nouvel’s  statement  about his refurbishment of the former Moritz beer factory as “revealing an unknown Barcelona” does not sound like a mere jaded cliché. 


The first impression about this refurbished brewery reminds of the specific aesthetic qualities of the library of the Pompeu Fabra University located in a 19th-century water tank, with a magnificent structure that Lluís Clotet and Ignacio Paricio turned into a functional and stunningly attractive facility, and a 19th-century house in Passatge de la Pau refurbished by Enric Miralles.