From Product to Commodity Brand

architects Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek
project Tajfun Precast Storehouse, Planina ob Sevnici, Slovenia
written by Ana Struna Bregar


In the experience economy, the experience as such has become a product: we no longer consume objects, but emotions, even the lifestyle. In the new environment of market landscape, buildings are not places where we work and live, but something we identify with, something we imagine we are.


Anna Klingman (Brandscapes: Architecture in the Experience Economy)


The family enterprise Tajfun from Slovenia is aware of the fact that they do not trade only with their final product. In 2011, almost after forty five years the company managed to succeed on the international market. They set new goals for themselves. Tajfun has become a company with a vision of the total development, taking over the global market of manufacturing forestry equipment (winches and woodcutters), with a vision of large architectural projects for the primary company (new production line, business premises, garage, warehouse, congress and business centre), and a vision of building new production facilities abroad (Serbia, Brazil).