The Blind Cones

architect Smiljan Radić
project House for the Poem of the Right Angle
written by Patricio Mardones Hiche


A forest.


There was a house in a forest. It had the shape of a cone whose center –and those of its infinite circles– was the very center of the forest. Around 1975 Thomas Bernhard built this image in his novel Correction to describe the impossible, bizarre project that the character Roithamer was designing for his sister. A house that supposedly had inclined, curved walls, a series of rooms with no designation, totally the same, neutral, silent; a house that couldn’t look at anywhere else but at the Kobernausser Forest in which it was anchored. A house that had no windows but openings, a building that according to the thoughts of its creator should be built using only 4 materials, nothing else.